May this be
our Best Ramadan

O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was
prescribed for those before you so that you may be God
conscious. (Suratul Baqarah, Ayat 183)

The Messenger of Allah (saw) said ’(O people) Save yourselves from the (Hell) Fire even if it is with half a date (given in charity), and if you cannot find that then (Save yourselves by saying) a good word’. (Al- Bukhari & Muslim)

Ramdhan holds many treasures for a believer. It is a time when a Muslim takes a retreat from social activities and devotes his/ her time to the worship of Allah. He or she disciplines his or her desires, mind, heart, tongue, hands, feet, stomach in order to achieve closeness to Allah, the Majestic. In the process a Muslim’s heart is cleansed and washed to its deepest and most innermost parts not from earthly water but from divine rain.

We can describe Ramadhan in so many ways,
every description only enhancing its beauty;

and Benefits of

Ramadan: a month of Blessing

“The month of Ramadan has come, a blessed month in which Allah Almighty has obligated you to fast. In it the gates of the heavens are opened, and in it the gates of Hellfire are closed, and in it the devils are chained, and in it is a night that is better than a thousand months. Thus, whoever is deprived of its good is truly deprived.”
Musnad Ahmad]

Month of Forgiveness

“Whoever observes fasts during the month of Ramadan out of sincere faith, and hoping to attain Allah’s rewards, then all his past sins will be forgiven.”

Reward of Fasting

The Prophet () said, “(Allah said), ‘Every good deed of Adam’s son is for him except fasting; it is for Me. and I shall reward (the fasting person) for it.’’ [Bukhari]