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Peace Matters aims to transform Lives through Education, Engagement, Empowerment and Elimination of violence.




Elimination of violence

  • Education
    • To assist in the relief of poverty in England and abroad by providing food, education, training and healthcare products and the necessary support designed to enable individuals to generate a sustainable income and be self-sufficient.
    • To advance the education of children in countries known as the developing world by assisting in the provision of education facilities.
    • To enhance moral, physical and spiritual well-being of young people through the provision of education.
    • To provide opportunities through sports, education and spirituality to enrich, inspire and celebrate British Muslim identity.
  • Engagement
    • To enable British Muslims to appreciate, embrace and preserve their dual Muslim and British identities through enhancing awareness of religious, national and cultural values and heritage.
    • To promote civic responsibility amongst young people by participating in positive social actions, with creativity and innovation.
    • To foster positive relations and mutual respect and understanding between different faith groups and communities in the UK.
    • To promote efforts for enhancing inter-community/inter-faith integration between Muslims and non-Muslims and working with other communities for enhancing common solidarity, mutual respect, understanding and good neighbourliness..
  • Empowerment
    • To invest in women and girls in the UK and the developing world to empower them to reach their full potential and become active citizens in their own communities.
    • To co-operate with those who stand for social justice.
    • To address cultural and structural inequalities and institutional prejudices.
  • Elimination of Violence
    • To raise awareness about the religious prohibitions against violence.
    • To contribute to ending violence against women and girls by empowering and supporting them.
    • To build resilience in communities against those who incite hatred and divisions which can lead to violence.

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