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The passing away of Sayyidah Fatimah al-Zahra (RA), the leader of the women of paradise, the beloved daughter of Rasūl’Allāh (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him)

Quran Verse – 21.107

We did not send you but as a mercy to all the nations.

Hadith – Bukhari

“In everybody there is a piece of flesh, if it is healthy, the whole body is healthy, and if it is sick, the whole body is sick. Beware! It is the heart!”

  • Salaah
  • Taraweeh (20 Rakaats)
  • Tahayyat ul Wudu, 2 Rakaats aftercompleting Wudu
  • Salatul Duha/Ishraq, forenoonprayer, 20 mins after sunrise
  • Increase Nafl (Optional) Salaah, Tahajjud
  • Zikr
  • Pray a portion of the Quran daily
  • Learn the meaning/Tafsir of the Quran + Hadith
  • Daily Tasbih of zakr Alhumdulillah,Subhanallah, Astagfirullah
  • Send salutations on our Prophet Muhammed PBUH
  • Avoiding Sins
  • Lying
  • Backbiting
  • Being Abusive and rude
  • Losing temper
  • Showing off
  • Making fun of others

Dua – Al Bukhari

O Allah! I seek refuge in You from cowardice. O Allah, i seek refuge in You from being brought back to a bad stage of the age, I seek refuge in You from trials of this world and from the tormentof the grave