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Quran Verse – 9.23

He is Allah—there is no god except Him— the Sovereign, the All-holy, the All-benign, the Securer, the All-conserver, the All-mighty, the All-compeller, the All-magnanimous. Clear is Allah of any partners that they may ascribe [to Him]!

Hadith – Tirmidhi

“Do not rebel against your Lord; establish 5 daily prayers; fast in the Month of Ramadhan, give the alms of your property; obey your superiors. (Thus) you will be admitted to the Paradise of your Lord.”

Podcast – A New Podcast with Hamza Yusuf

In this age of material excess and spiritual privation, grounding ourselves in divine guidance has never been more critical. The Sacred Text Messages podcast with Hamza Yusuf provides an antidote to the modern madness by reconnecting us with God and His Messenger ﷺ. Listen to timeless wisdoms from sacred sources and rediscover Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.


“And establish prayer and give Zakat, and whatever good you put forward for yourselves – you will find it with Allah.” (Qur’an, 2:110

“Who believe in the unseen, establish prayer, and spend out of what We have provided for them”Surat l-Braqarah 2:3

  • Salaah
  • Taraweeh (20 Rakaats)
  • Tahayyat ul Wudu, 2 Rakaats aftercompleting Wudu
  • Salatul Duha/Ishraq, forenoonprayer, 20 mins after sunrise
  • Increase Nafl (Optional) Salaah, Tahajjud
  • Zikr
  • Pray a portion of the Quran daily
  • Learn the meaning/Tafsir of the Quran + Hadith
  • Daily Tasbih of zakr Alhumdulillah,Subhanallah, Astagfirullah
  • Send salutations on our Prophet Muhammed PBUH
  • Avoiding Sins
  • Lying
  • Backbiting
  • Being Abusive and rude
  • Losing temper
  • Showing off
  • Making fun of others

Dua – Ibrahim, 1:41

Our Lord, forgive me, and my parents, and the believers on the day of Accounting.