April 21, 2021

SYRIA – Food Distribution 2021

Peace Matters distributed 395 Foodpacks to Syrian (Internally Displaced People) families living in camps.
Their homes are typically tents with a single room where 6-8 people live.

Help us feed another 105 Syrian Families this Ramadan 2021.
£50 per Foodpack.

Total Target = 500 Families
Target Left = 105 Families

This Project

Thanks to kind we were to 395 parcels with each parcel

Rice (2.5kg)
Red Lentil (1kg)
Bulghur Pilav (2.5K)
Tea (500 Gm)
Instant Soup (2 Packets)
Tomato Paste (850 Gr)
Sugar (2K)
Pasto (1 Kg)
Salt (2g)
Cooking Oil (2 Us)
Flour (4 Kg)
Dates (1 Kg)
Chickpeas (1 Kg)

The project aimed to distribute food packs to Syrian IDP (internally displaced people) families who live in the IDP camps Syria. These IDPs are living under the health conditions in the camps. Their homes are usually tents with a single room where 6-8 people live. They depend on
the humanitarian aid from the international organizations and NGOs. Food prices have gradually increased

due to the financial fluctuation in the markets, which makes it even harder for IDPs to access adequate food

The IDP camp selected for this distribution was a camp in Idib Most of the people here ore living under poor conditions and without only stable income. The Covid-19 situation has made the Situation even worse.

We thank the donor for this kind donation which has helped so many people! We ask Allah Almighty to accept these efforts of the donor and all those involved. Ameen.

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