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Quran Verse – 2.186

When My servants ask you about Me, [tell them that] I am indeed nearmost. I answer the supplicant’s call when he calls Me. So let them respond to Me, and let them have faith in Me, so that they may fare rightly.

Hadith – Sunan al-Dāraqutni

“Indeed, Allah has made duties obligatory, so do not neglect them. He has set limits, so do not transgress them. He has made some things sacred, so do no violate them. He has remained silent concerning things as mercy for you, not out of forgetfulness, so do not search them out.”


Build a Madrassah in Pakistan

Pace matters
CHARITY #1177370
Bank: NatWest
Account Name: Pace Matters
Account No: 40025985
Sort Code: 60-12-39

  • Salaah
  • Taraweeh (20 Rakaats)
  • Tahayyat ul Wudu, 2 Rakaats aftercompleting Wudu
  • Salatul Duha/Ishraq, forenoonprayer, 20 mins after sunrise
  • Increase Nafl (Optional) Salaah, Tahajjud
  • Zikr
  • Pray a portion of the Quran daily
  • Learn the meaning/Tafsir of the Quran + Hadith
  • Daily Tasbih of zakr Alhumdulillah,Subhanallah, Astagfirullah
  • Send salutations on our Prophet Muhammed PBUH
  • Avoiding Sins
  • Lying
  • Backbiting
  • Being Abusive and rude
  • Losing temper
  • Showing off
  • Making fun of others

Dua – Ibrahim, 14:40

O Lord, make me steadfast in prayer, and (also) some of my offspring. O our Lord, accept my prayer.

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